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The concourse retains a lot of its original 1912 features, although the large wooden sliding doors which were at the entrance have been replaced with fixed glass doors, and the platform end has had a matching glass screen and doors put in place to make it a better enviroment for passengers to wait in. The marks can still be seen where the old doors were.

The Booking Office keeps most of its features with only the actual windows changed and modern aids put in place for the benifit of passengers (hearing loop etc.).The cast iron, mahogany topped rails at the front of it look new but are original.

The Parcels Office was transformed into 'The Old Parcel Office Art Centre' and is operated by MIND a national charity. Its just undergone a major redevelopment and been extended down to the 'old' gents toilets. Keeping all the original features. Infront of the Parcel Office are the old original weighing scales inset into the floor, these are down for renovation by the YCCRP.

The 'old' gents is now part of the Bridlington Model Railway Society, layouts are built and tried here before been put on display at there bi-anual shows held at Leisure World.

The British Transport Police office is now a office used by a local firm.

The 'Ladies' waiting room has been transformed into a new modernised toilet block, with seperate ladies and gents facilities along with a baby changing room.

There is also a signal managers office on the concourse which is still used by Network Rail for its original purpose.

The concourse is decorated in summer with flowers supplied by the Station Buffet, and has won many awards. With a table and seating area for Buffet patrons.

The station concourse entrance with glass doors in place of the wooden ones, the marks can still be seen on the inside.

LUcy the station cat

Lucy the station cat now 12 years old.



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